Parties for all ages and music tastes.

Karaoke Parties


Be the star you always wanted to be!
We believe in you!

If you have never enjoyed Karaoke...Where have you been?


We have hosted parties for every age group on just about any theme you can think of. With over 750,000 karaoke songs, we have the music selection to do it too!


Just think about it, your very own "American Idol" or "Star Search" at your party. You will be amazed with the talent that is lurking just under the surface of your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Go ahead and have a riot of fun at company parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sporting team functions, schools, and picnics. Everyone has a good time!


Our collection of professional Karaoke Tracks is the largest in the state, spans more than 100 years and all types of music!


Popular  Jazz  Blues  Country  Doo Wop  Standards  Broadway  Children's  Folk  Patriotic  any so many more.


Okie Dokie also has

lights, fog and bubbles
to add to the fun!


What is Karaoke?

Music is played while a video monitor displays the song's lyrics. The lyrics change color to inform the singer when to sing.

Our all professional equipment allows pitch change to accommodate the singers voice (high or low).

Karaoke Parties

Text Box: Karaoke has never been more popular.  
Have your own
American Idol or Star Search competition!

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To contact us: Phone: 754-235-3253


*Okie Dokie Karaoke is not affiliated or endorsed by American Idol, Nashville Star , Star  Search or their owners.